REPUTATION I have an outstanding reputation among wedding professionals. I've been recommended by many in the wedding business, including 

•Atlantis Marine World Aquarium

•the Bridgeview Yacht Club

•the Crescent Club

•the DeSeversky Center

•the East Wind Country Gardens, Estate, and Inn

•the Fire Island Lighthouse


•the Glen Island Harbor Club

•the Inn at New Hyde Park

•Land's End

the Montauk Lighthouse

•Oheka Castle

•the Port Jefferson County Club

•the Riviera

•the Thatched Cottage in Centerport

•the Vanderbilt Mansion at Dowling College

•the Venetian Yacht Club •the Vineyard Caterers

•West Sayville Country Club

and also by numerous bands, DJs, church music directors, photographers, and videographers. There's a good chance that many of your other wedding vendors know and respect me. In short, I have one of the best reputations in the wedding business.


ABOUT JANET How do you become a harpist? Well, in my case, it helps that I come from a family of musicians. However, I am the only harpist in my family. I started playing the harp at age 7. My mother is a great pianist and an exceptional piano teacher. Her rule of the family was that we kids all had to take music lessons on an instrument when we got to the third grade, but we each got to pick our own instrument. So I took 7 years to look around for the best instrument to play, and being that I have always liked extremely beautiful, unusual, even flamboyant things, I picked the harp! (Why doesn't everybody???) I've been playing professionally "full time" (in other words, it is my "day job") specializing in weddings, since 1988.

Speaking more personally... I know your wedding day is extremely special to you, and it's an honor for me to participate in it. My aim is not only to provide you with wonderful music, but also to help make your whole experience easy and exciting.

I personally love ritual and ceremony. It helps draw us into experiencing the deep meaning, even sacredness of the moment. And I know that there is something magical and beautiful about the harp, which is why people like it at their weddings. I always hope that my participation in a wedding helps people feel the sacred beauty, magic, and meaning that's possible in life, and most especially in the wedding moment.