Haven't you always wanted to play the harp?

One of my greatest pleasures as a harpist is to help other people realize their dreams to play the harp.  (There are a lot of dreams out there -- I hear it all the time!)

It's not so hard to do.  The harp is one of the easiest instruments to make a beautiful sound on.  Even if you've never studied music before, you can still enjoy playing the harp.


Lessons are conveniently available in your home, almost anywhere on Long Island.  Inquire about scheduling.

For self-motivated people, I offer coaching to get you going on your own. We meet a few times, I show you how to get started, and I'm available for questions afterward by email or phone. After that, we can meet for individual sessions, by appointment.



Most students start out by renting a harp.  I have a few excellent harps for rent.  Inquire about availability.

If you are interested in purchasing a harp, I can advise you. There are many different kinds of harps, but if you want to start with the most accessible one, I recommend Blevins Harps. Call me to talk about it, to hear my own Blevins harp, and for help buying one. I also recommend Musicmakers harps, from Stillwater MN. They are also very worthy harps, with gorgeous full sounds, beautiful craftsmanship, and very reasonable prices. They also provide kits, for you to make your own harp. Definitely worth checking out, whether you buy the harp finished or in a kit.

If you want to make a bigger investment, I can point you in various directions.

If you would enjoy going to a harp convention or conference or other special event, I can help you find out what's going on.


link to Blevins Harps, my most recommended folk harp maker I own a Blevins harp (Espre 36 in Walnut), and I always recommend Blevins harps, especially to people just starting out. His harps sound fantastic!! and his prices are extremely reasonable -- a great combination. ...Although I do covet a Dusty Strings 36-string Staved back Bubinga... *sigh* Harp heaven.
This is the link to Musicmakers As I said above, if you want to buy a folk harp, check out Musicmakers. They offer other folk instruments as well, but their harps are excellent. Their harps are available either finished, or as kits. Kits -- what an adventure! I own a 31-string Gothic harp, and it's beautiful. If you are considering buying a harp, please don't hesitate to call me. I love advising people about harps!! and you should come hear my own, for your own education.

Marini Made Harps

My most recent harp purchase, as of August 2013, is a Marini Made Harp.  I fell in love with their Ultra Lite harp at the Somerset Folk Harp Festival.  It's a glorious instrument. 

Marini Made Harps