Contact and booking

1. Availability It's first come, first served. My calendar tends to fill up early. I often book dates over a year in advance. But I can also often accommodate dates that are coming up very soon. I travel all over the tri-state area with the harp, and I will go from Queens out to the distant exits of the Long Island Expressway without charging a travel fee.

2. Fee quotes Just ask. My fee structure is simple and all-inclusive. There are never any hidden surprises or unforeseen charges, not if I can help it.

3. To hear me To hear me, click on the sound samples here at the website! If you'd like to hear me in person, come to one of my occasional bridal showcases. My showcase schedule is also here at this website. ...I used to showcase more frequently, but these days it's hard to find a good showcase. If you wish, I'll also play for you over the phone. Either catch me at an opportune moment, or we'll make an appointment to do so.

4. Contact Harpist Janet King 516-671-4519 Office hours are Monday through Friday, 9am to 9pm Saturday and Sunday, 10am to 8pm. (This is a home office – please wait until office hours to call!) Contact me...

•for a rate quote

•to check my availability for your date

•to hear a live, over-the-phone demo!

•with other questions

•to book me 

5. To book me To book me, there are three steps:

1. First, call me and tell me so. As soon as you tell me you want to book me, you go in my calendar, in ink, and I hold your date for you.

2. Send me a deposit, to secure the date. Generally this means putting a personal check in the mail. It's good to have a paper trail at this stage.

3. After I've received your deposit, I'll email back to you a confirmation notice which has everything in writing. I don't have a contract for you to sign and send back to me – I'm not quite so formal – but you'll have solid documentation for your records.