Other offerings: amplification, folk harp, strolling harp, and costumes!

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For cocktail hours and larger parties, amplification is available, so the harp is always loud enough and able to be heard. There is no additional charge for amplification.



When you book me, I bring my big, beautiful classical harp, as you see in these photos. It's ornately hand-carved, with gold paint on an expanded soundboard, and I've owned it for decades (we're like an old married couple together!). However, I have other harps available...

STROLLING HARP: You've never seen anything like this before. I've never seen anything like this before!! I have a very small harp with a very big, beautiful sound, that I strap on like a guitar and play strolling. It's the coolest! See photos at my photos page here. Strolling harp is a great idea for large, sprawling parties, especially for outdoor cocktail hours; for wedding ceremonies on a remote beach or a boat, settings where I won't bring my big harp; and also for hospitality hours preceding a wedding ceremony, where sometimes it's impractical to move the large classical harp from one room to the next. (Generally, moving the harp from one room to another is not difficult, but occasionally, under certain circumstances, moving the harp is too cumbersome to do quickly.) I am limited to playing only certain kinds of music on the strolling harp, so it's not the best substitute for the big harp where specific music selection matters. But it's very fun!

FOLK HARP: I also have a beautiful folk harp available. This harp, while much larger than the strolling harp, is smaller than the classical harp. Visually it looks much more "folk" – it's four feet tall, a simpler design, with a rustic, dark walnut wood finish. It sounds no less beautiful, though, believe it or not. I am limited musically on this harp, although not as much as I am on the strolling harp. This harp is a good option for ceremonies on the beach or other unusual, awkward places (boats); or for a more specifically Celtic flavor.

COSTUMES: I have some Renaissance-styled costumes, purchased from a high-end clothier at the Renaissance Faire in Tuxedo Park, New York. If the usual black-formal attire isn't dramatic enough for you, go for the costumed harpist! See one example of Renaissance garb at the Photos page. I have many colors available.