superb harps at a budget price!!

Well, this is big news.  My new favorite harpmaker, Marini Made Harps, has developed a new line of harps that are budget priced, but sound utterly fantastic. 

They are AMAZING!!

You know, I've been playing the harp for over 40 years, and I've played many different harps, and I've enjoyed many of them.  But the Marini harps that I've known have totally knocked my socks off, for their perfectly gorgeous sound.  I have one; a student has one, that I still swoon over every time I hear it.  And now I've had the chance to play their new line of budget-priced harps.

This means that if you've always wanted to play the harp, now purchasing a great folk harp at a (relatively) modest price is within your reach like never before.  They are making a fairly large harp priced at around $1500.  Other harpmakers would be charging $4000 and upwards for a similar harp, and without the great Marini sound.

I think this is tremendous news.  Check them out; contact me to discuss it, and to arrange for lessons.

Marini harps for everyone!!

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