Harp solo or in ensemble

1. Harp solo The majority of my bookings is for the harp alone. Virtually all of the music that I play can be done on the harp alone: certainly all the traditional wedding music works well on just the harp. 2. Ensembles A growing percentage of my bookings are for the harp together with other musicians, in a chamber ensemble. I LOVE playing in ensemble!! Mostly because the musicians with whom I work are great artists and good friends, so that we bring good vibes along with good music to your wedding. We'll also bring reverence for the wedding moment, and a spirit of creative fun. Instruments: I feature a harp/flute/cello trio, which can be heard at the sound samples here. Duos are also available (harp/cello, harp/flute, etc), as are quartets and larger ensembles. Classical trumpet is also available, especially for the ceremony; and violin too. Vocalists: For a ceremony, adding voice is a good choice, especially if you want to imbue a more religious flavor to a ceremony being held outside of a religious setting. A beautiful song really helps make a ceremony into a sacred event, and I can recommend a number of wonderful, appropriate songs. I have several vocalists available, each with a different sound, including male and female voices. Most are willing to sing for you over the phone so you can hear how they sound. Also listen to the sound samples. Simple Booking: Booking a chamber ensemble is easy. I set the whole thing up, book the other musicians (ie, handle all the money and paperwork for everyone from my office), and act as the music director, so that you need only talk with me about the music, and then I take your instructions to the group and direct it to play what, when, and how you want. Playing with your musicians If you have a musician friend or family member whom you'd like to include in the music for your wedding, I'm game to play with them too. If they are a vocalist or instrumentalist, I can accompany them. My only requirement is that they be comfortable performing. I don't care so much whether or not they are "great musicians" (if you don't care!) so long as they are cool under the pressure of performing at your wedding. If there is any question about that, you might be jeopardizing your own cool on your wedding day! However, if they are up to it, I heartily encourage you to include special people in the music for your wedding. It can be very meaningful and poignant. Generally, a quick run-through the music immediately before the event is adequate (and with competent musicians, if we're playing familiar music, even that isn't really necessary). However, if an additional meeting to rehearse is necessary, there will an additional charge. (If a lot of rehearsing seems necessary, it's a sign that maybe this is not such a good idea.) I'll also play with your church's musicians if you want, and if they are willing.