SERVICE I'm here to be helpful. I can help you select music. I can speak directly with your church's music director, if need be. I can handle pesky catering hall demands for liability insurance. And I enjoy helping you with suggestions and referrals for other aspects of your wedding plans. Ask me who my favorite wedding band is! Catch me at the right moment, and I'll enjoy brainstorming with you about where to have the party, if you haven't booked a caterer yet. My experience and professionalism mean that things are virtually guaranteed to go smoothly and easily, just the way you want it. I'm familiar with nearly every catering hall on Long Island; I'm familiar with the Catholic Mass and many other kinds of services; so you're assured that questions will be easily resolved and there'll be no problem. And I'm always willing to go the extra mile to make sure you're confident that I'll do a great job for you. OTHER HARPISTS Because my calendar fills up, I also provide the services of other excellent harpists for dates when I am not personally available. The fee is the same whether it's me or someone else, and all of my harpists are excellent musicians, very professional, and easy to deal with personally. You don't need to take my word for it – you're welcome to check them out for yourself before booking them. I am always very clear with you about whether you are booking me or someone else. Don't worry, I don't send subs for myself unless something extraordinary comes up for me personally, and then I always talk with you about it first, if humanly possible.